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Top 19 Saddest Story with a Happy Ending … Abandoned Dogs


The fate of these unfortunate dogs often resemble and human. The worst is when someone needs you and you become a nuisance. But people manage and abandoned dogs depend again of our and our goodness. Luckily that there are well-organized institutions that fail to correct the wrong done to these unfortunate and abandoned dogs. Their stories are mostly ends. Abandoned dogs find a better and nicer living conditions than they had with those who have renounced them. In this collection you will find … [Continue reading...]

Cats and Dogs that are Very Well not Want To Go To The Vet


Judging by these animals, there is really only one way to avoid being taken to the vet - very nice to pretend to master was sorry for you. … [Continue reading...]

Golden Retriever and Cheetah Best Friends


At first glance we can see î which is in the nature incompatible. Cheetah and pastures. For all the best dogs we know that our best friends and loyal companions. On the other hand cheetahs are wild animals, but they are generally known to make them easy to tame. Here begins this story, cheetah has [...]

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Top 16 Before And After Photos Of Dogs


Most of us tend to outlive your dogs, but for the short time that they’re with us, we feel like we’re never truly alone. Over the course of their short lives, we form a truly special bond with our dogs that isn’t quite like anything else in the world. With that in mind, we wanted [...]

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Rating the Most Expensive Dog Breeds


According to conventional wisdom, the dog – man’s best friend. But to get the desired thoroughbred “buddy” is often quite expensive. This is especially true for those who prefer to spend time in the company of a dog clean and rare breed. It is worth noting that the price for an animal varies by country, [...]

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Animals Face to Face


Seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat can be quite the experience. In his photo series, Animals Face to Face, photographer Stefano Unterthiner brings some of the best photographs of animals in the outdoors we’ve come across in some time. And his unique series takes things a step further, getting you up close and [...]

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The 20 Most Unbelievably Colorful Places On Earth

Colorful Places On Earth16

With fall in full swing — let’s remember how much color the nature offers us the rest of the year!  Caño Cristales River, Columbia 

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Dog – it’s the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself


Dog – it’s the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself. She was not born yet, and already we were betrayed. At puppy eyes still closed, and he was already trusts us. Dogs – the most honest and sincere animals. When the dog feels that you are not up to it, he [...]

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The Angriest Looking Cat You Have Ever Seen

The Angriest Looking Cat You Have Ever Seen1

Wow! This is a cat you sure don’t want to mess with. Well that certainly is the impression you are left with the first time you see him. Meet Garfi, a Persian cat who lives in Turkey with his owner, Hulya Ozkok, her family and an assortment of other cats. It is undeniable though – [...]

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Absolutely Insane Fictional Animals by Arne Olav


Arne Olav has created absolutely insane series of collages with non-existent animals. His animal hybrids completely disobey the laws of nature and realistically depict uncanny animal mashups. Olav uses photoshop to combine two ordinary animals into an extraordinary creature. His duck horse, for instance, is a horse with the head of a duck running through [...]

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