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Top 15 Famous dog Managed to do the Impossible

Famous dog, managed to do the impossible-6

It is said that the dog - man's best friend, and it really is. In most cases, our four-legged friends will try to do everything possible to please or make smile. They always support you and will not be blamed for wrong choices and mistakes. Dog - unconditional friend that neveCocker spaniel named Hani was with his master during that ill-fated trip when his SUV got into a deep ravine. The car fell on the roof and literally crushed 63-year-old Michael Bosch. Several hours later, Hani was able to … [Continue reading...]

Animal Architects And The Beautiful Homes They Build

The Beautiful Homes They Build-8

Most animals are content with finding a slightly softer and more sheltered space to sleep for the night, but there also wild animals out there that demand nothing but the finest accommodations. These 10 animals are some of the best architects that the animal kingdom has to offer. Home building is probably the closest that many animals will come to tool use, in the sense that we think of it. It seems that the jury is still out on whether or not nest building can be considered to be tool use – … [Continue reading...]

Soda Can Sized Puppies


Little things are always cute, especially little fur balls that are the size of soda cans. Check out these adorable pint sized puppies that for the most part won’t grow much taller. Mostly it comes to small dog breeds like. In the opinion of many people’s small dogs are just due to the ease of […]

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20 Hardy Dog that Will Sit Wherever they Want

hardy dog that will sit wherever they want-20

They just lie and sit wherever they want, because they can afford it. Sometimes they choose their holidays such unusual places and funny poses, it must necessarily see. What we do and offer you icon smile unpretentious 20 dogs who will sit wherever they want.

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Representatives Aggressive Dog Breeds


You should never tease dogs, because even the seemingly calm and good-natured animal can actually be quite aggressive. Introducing the rating of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world, which you should never get in the way. Dobermann No wonder this breed has long been used as a watchdog. Dobermans are excellent defenders of […]

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20 Adorable Pets Taking ‘Selfie’ Photos


“Selfie” has probably been the most used word of 2015, we’ve seen selfies from athletes, celebrities, kids, models, rock stars and so on, but did you know that animals love to take selfies too?Enjoy a gallery of 20 utterly funny photos of animals posing for a selfie. Which is your favorite one?

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Just 24 hours Difference Between Strained And a Happiest Pets


Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, and it will often change the life of the person adopting the pet. It will also, however, absolutely change the life of the pet being adopted as well. These pictures will show you how much difference a single day can make in the life of a pet that […]

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Top 19 Saddest Story with a Happy Ending … Abandoned Dogs


The fate of these unfortunate dogs often resemble and human. The worst is when someone needs you and you become a nuisance. But people manage and abandoned dogs depend again of our and our goodness. Luckily that there are well-organized institutions that fail to correct the wrong done to these unfortunate and abandoned dogs. Their […]

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Cats and Dogs that are Very Well not Want To Go To The Vet


Judging by these animals, there is really only one way to avoid being taken to the vet – very nice to pretend to master was sorry for you.

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Golden Retriever and Cheetah Best Friends


At first glance we can see î which is in the nature incompatible. Cheetah and pastures. For all the best dogs we know that our best friends and loyal companions. On the other hand cheetahs are wild animals, but they are generally known to make them easy to tame. Here begins this story, cheetah has […]

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