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Every 60 Seconds on our Planet …


This post will tell you about what is happening in the world every 60 seconds each. … [Continue reading...]

20 The Most Picturesque Pools on the Planet


Winter is over and already want to dream about summer vacation, when you can finally bask in the bright warm sun and swim in the crystal clear water in the open air. Nandala Villa, Bahamas … [Continue reading...]

Cutest Baby Beasts Pics Ever


If you could measure how much is what the world sweet, adorable, cuddly, beautiful this beautiful baby wild animals were a perfect measure of it. Enjoy watching these sweet animal kingdom, just as much as we enjoyed while we were creating these images.

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The 19 Most Charming Places On Earth. They’re Too Perfect To Be Real.


Hidden all over the world are towns that you may think only exist in your dreams. They are villages full of quintessential charm, almost too perfect to be real. However, these dream towns, they do exist. Here are 19 towns that are so beautiful, you will scarcely believe that they aren’t movie sets.

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Top 20 Pets Trying To Fit In The Human World


When you have a pet, it becomes part of your family. And when pets become part of the family, sometimes they forget they aren’t human. However, from time to time, pets are reminded of the fact that they are animals when they try to use our furniture. We designed chairs, sofas and tables for people [...]

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Top 10 Most Unusual Pyramid


Today we want to introduce you to the ten most unusual and unique pyramids, created at different times of man and nature. Hotel Rugen

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Cute Photo of Pomeranian Spitz


Owner Robin Yu photographed her Pomeranian Flint since she got him a puppy at the age of nine months. Robin, from Portland, Oregon began to photograph Flint who is now 6 years old for fun, but photos have become so popular in the network that the dog is now even has its own calendar. 

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Capitol Reef Tourist Paradise


The park is located on the site of sandy canyons in Utah, USA. Covering an area of ​​hundreds of miles, this picturesque park surrounds the 160-km wall of rock that has risen from the earth 65 million years ago. Park open to visitors all year round, but during the period from May to September – [...]

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Top 25 Weirdest Rock Shapes in The World


These are some of the most unusual and breathtaking rock formations ever. The Earth hides so many secrets… The uniqueness of rocks may lie in their shapes, components, locations and beautiful landscapes they represent. Many rocks are huge and viewing them is breath-taking. Many of these are ancient occurrences and their beauty is amazing and [...]

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Top 20 Sunset Places You Shouldn’t Miss


Depending on the weather, place, and time, some sunsets happen to be more gorgeous than others in our opinion anyway! Here are 20 of the best sunsets in the world. Sunset or sundown is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the western half of the horizon, at an azimuth greater than 180 degrees, as [...]

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